About Me

Hi, I'm Amy and this blog was created to share my families whole food journey.

Our whole food journey has been going on for a while, we've always eaten 'different' food to our friends. I remember a friends husband telling me how disgusting it was when he seen that I was making bone broth with a chicken carcass that we had eaten off the night before. He told me it was dog food... or when finding out that we eat lentils because that wasn't proper food and was for paupers...

But now that 'whole foods' aren't such out there and I have found so more like minded people both in real life and online I don't feel like such an outsider.

Whole foods to us are foods in their most natural state. So no processed foods, or anything with more than say 5 ingredients.

I have to say that we aren't perfect though and when life does get busy we do seem to slip back into old habits, but I am hoping that by writing this blog I will be keeping myself in check.

So welcome to my wholefood journey.

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